Modern Media

The world is changing so fast and it is hard to stay abreast of all the latest happenings.
This year has been the year of the Change. Never before in my lifetime has so much happened to so many people in such a short space of time.
To stay upto date with the latest goings the trend is to use a mixed media model. People now “roll their own news”. A little bit of newspaper, a dash of radio, plus some TV and plenty of online news in addition to blogs, facebook, twitter etc.
With so much choice it is difficult to not drown in the sea of information.
We recommend taking a step back and focussing on quality. Use the best sources of information and the appropriate technology to get what you want.
This may mean using your smartphone for news on the go but when you get home rather than struggling to watch on a small screen turn on a plasma tv and watch the world in glorious High Definition, big screen quality.
The newer tv’s also can be connected to the internet which gives you enhanced access to news, entertainment and additional services. This is the beginning of the all in one device. Alternatively one can connect a computer via HDMI to the TV to bring the internet into the living room. This was talked about many years ago but what happened was a solitary experience where couples would sit ignoring each other using their own laptops. Bringing the internet onto a plasma screen TV makes it social once again. And as we have witnessed Social Media is changing the world.

The Revolutions in North Africa would be enough but in addition the gigantic Earthquake and Tsunami in the Japan region has had an effect on everyone.

The world is changing – embrace the change.

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