Richard Dawkins

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The Selfish Gene
The Extended Phenotype
The Blind Watchmaker
River Out of Eden
Climbing Mount Improbable
The Selfish Gene (1976, 1989, 2006) ISBN 0-19-286092-5
The Extended Phenotype (1982, 1999) ISBN 0-19-288051-9
The Blind Watchmaker (1986, 1991, 2006) ISBN 0-393-31570-3
River Out of Eden (1995) ISBN 0-465-06990-8;
Unweaving the Rainbow
Climbing Mount Improbable (1996) ISBN 0-393-31682-3
Unweaving the Rainbow (1998) ISBN 0-618-05673-4
A Devil’s Chaplain (2003) ISBN 0-618-33540-4
The Ancestor’s Tale (2004) ISBN 0-618-00583-8;
The God Delusion (2006) ISBN 0-618-68000-4

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