Maale is a school of television,film and arts. It’s like every normal film-school,but there’s a little twist:it is religious. This uniqueness is also reflected in the movies they produce, as the topics they bring up are all serious,but in the same time very interesting. What do the friends of a total secular guy think when that guy becomes ultra-orthodox? A wife to a Cohen got raped. According to the Halacha (Jewish Law) her husband is forced to divorce her. Does this woman really need to divorce her husband?

This topics are presented in different ways, some in the form of a documentary, others in a humorous kind of way. Many films are just fiction, but nevertheless they manage to stir up many of your feelings. Here’s some titles you should try to find and watch:

The Ranch – David is the owner of a ranch in a remote settlement that will soon be evacuated by the army. Having been evacuated from Yamit in 1982, David has decided that this time, he will surrender his land without a fight. This choice, however, causes a painful confrontation with his son, 17-year-old Oriah, who will fight for the land, no matter what the sacrifice.

Ido – The charismatic leader of a punk rock band, 20-years-old Ido is a talented musician, an outspoken teenager, and suddenly, devoutly religious. Moving to the community of Beitar, he immerses himself in Torah, biblical Jewish study, while his family and friends grapple with his dramatic transformation. Following Ido for a year, the film vividly explores his inner growth- and reactions of those he left behind in the secular world.

The orthodox way – How many of you are single? How many of you have an aunt that everytime she sees you she says:”Bubaleh, I’ve got the perfect girl for you”?
Eli, a single religious guy, is forced to go out on a blind date. He picks up the wrong girl, and the two of them spend a bizarre evening driving around the streets of Jerusalem. A romantic comedy about dating the orthodox way.

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