Davinci’s Band

Davinci’s band are currently recording with Idan Raichel.

Davinci’s band are a multi-cultural group made up of Scottish born
black soul/rock frontman, Ian Saint-John, with Danish pianist,Casper
Christensen, and Chinese/Vietnamese British guitarist, Derek Yau.

The diverse background of each member brings a variety of influences into
the Davinci’s melting pot. They take elements of Soul, Blues, Jazz,
Rock, Classical and contemporary music, to create an epic sound that
has a broad appeal. Their tracks are meaningful, beautifully
structured, and memorable, Davinci’s Band really make an impact!

Having formed just a little under two years ago, Davinci’s band, have already
performed at some impressive venues including China White’s, Cuckoo,
Sound. Davinci’s Band performed at their first international music
festival in Geneva, Switzerland.

Davinci’s Band gets huge endorsement from Nelson Mandela’s charity, 46664.com.
Nelson Mandela’s foundation 46664.com

The music video is feature on the main page of the website

Link to Video

Davinci’s Band aim is to share their music internationally and
worldwide. Davinci’s Band are currently working on a International
Music piece based on the Holocausts & Slavery with New York
Symphony Orchestral Conductor David Eaton

Nelson Mandela’s 46664.com has adopted a song by Davinci’s Band entitled New
Generations. The intention of the song is to further promote awareness
of the charity and its causes.

New Generations was inspired by a sense of peace and freedom. The message of the song is
one of unity, so that we may speak as one when it comes to the upkeep
of our future: our new generation.

Being moved by New Generations John Altman (Golden Globe and Emmy Award Winner) offered to score a
string section, which added a sense of grandeur and warmth. The song was then recorded in a prestigious facility in London, and was co-produced by Oliver Behzadi (ex Sony A&R head). Whilst this song
may have gained recognition at an international level the rest of Davinci’s Band’s music has also been requested to feature on TV programmes such as the US TV series CSI NY

Furthermore, Davinci’s Band opened the ’08 Global Peace Festival held in London Excel Centre in Canary Wharf where the group was joined by the London Symphony Orchestra, a choir and a collection of dancers from around the world. The piece was gratefully received, and the event momentous for
all 6000 attendees, amongst whom where diplomats and heads of states.

Even during their earliest days Davinci’s Band was fortunate to be discovered and invited on behalf of the General Secretary to perform at the Commonwealth Palace to an audience of 800 people consisting of
CEO’S, diplomats and international political media channels. The band is set to perform again at Palace for the Queens’ Commonwealth in December for Human Rights day. The trio has also featured on the BBC
Blast documentary which features prolific photographer Chris Lopez.

part 1

part 2

For more info see myspace

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